25. August 2021

Charlie Watts 1941 - 2021

"If you've ever danced to a Rolling Stones song, you've danced to Charlie Watts."
g a g a - 25. Aug, 03:21

"Not a rock drummer, a jazz drummer really, and that’s why the Stones swung like the Basie band."
Pete Townshend

arboretum - 27. Aug, 17:04

You can analyse Charlie Watts, but that still won’t get you to his feel and his distinct personality. It’s an X-factor, it’s a charisma, it’s an undefinable gift of God. I can tell you about the technique, though. Drummers will argue about this long into the night: either how did John Bonham get that mountain of sound, or how did Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts get that feel? Technically, what it is, is that he leads with his right foot on the kick drum, which pushes the band forward. Meanwhile his left hand on the snare, the backbeat, is a little relaxed, a little lazy – and that combination of propulsion and relaxation is the technical definition of what he’s doing. But you can try it yourself, all you want, and it ain’t going to sound like Charlie.

‘Not just a drummer – a genre’: Stewart Copeland and Max Weinberg on Charlie Watts

g a g a - 27. Aug, 18:15

ja...! Das ist in die Wiege gelegt. Die besten Drummer "schleppen" ein bißchen, ganz bewusst. Das ist im richtigen Moment sehr lässig, lasziv und sexy und sophisticated. Wer keinen Sinn für diese leichte Verzögerung hat und zu schnell draufhaut, verschenkt einen grandiosen Effekt.
g a g a - 27. Aug, 19:04

27. August 2021 um 18:50

Das retardierende Moment – das ist es – fast immer…

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